Springer Summit, GA

I will begin this post with the very statement I made on my Facebook status this evening:

“Came home to a thick letter and an SD card from my husband. I feel like Bastian about to go on a literary trek with Atreyu. Hunkering down for an adventure!”

Despite the fact that some hikers he started with are already beginning to think the Appalachian Trail is a “Neverending Story” in and of itself (a few left the trail already), only a couple of readers caught the not so subtle references to the film I alluded to (which I consider whimsical cinematic genius through the lens of my nostalgia).  I was undaunted.  I was about to see a glimpse of what my husband was experiencing through his own eyes.  One can only say so much in 15 minute phone calls with poor reception (although, I am immeasurably thankful for those precious moments).

Forty five minutes later, while re-reading the letter, I received a phone call from Christian.  As he enumerated on the day and prepared himself some tea, it was good to hear a smile in his voice.  I myself,  was not smiling when he mentioned that he was wearing duct tape on his feet and that he had hurt his ankle on the trail yesterday.  When I suggested that if it got worse he should seek medical attention in the next town, his characteristic nonchalant outlook on life sprang forth.

“It’s just my body getting used to the trail.  That’s how it is out here.  Little aches and pains are only minor inconveniences not catastrophes.  And besides, I have more duct tape.”

And, what an adventure he is having!  I have 12 pages of double-sided notes and some photos to share with you.  The best way I can think of doing this is to write a short entry every day.  It will avoid long entries and keep us excited to hear more.  So, look for another post tomorrow!

Springer Mountain Summit  3/13/2012  4:50 PM

I made it to the beautiful Springer Summit two hours and 50 minutes later than my “generous” estimate of two miles per hour.  I honestly thought I would make it by two o’clock.  The latter part of the hike was significantly easier than the former, more gradual with switchbacks.  But, it certainly was not easy. I feel very blessed to be experiencing this beauty here and now (but for the biting insects).

I am seated beside the first white blaze amidst such tremendous beauty with the Appalachians below me and the lakes betwixt them.  Such majesty takes my breath away.

Christian Torp


Today’s donation total rose to $2,140. We still need $2,860. Thank you to those who have supported us. Please mail donations to: Christian Torp, P.O. Box 861, Lexington, Ky. 40588.

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8 Responses to Springer Summit, GA

  1. Sam Conder says:

    It’s funny, every year I scour trailjournals.com for a captivating trail journal to follow. This year I believe it has found me. I normally don’t read the Herald-Leader but a friend e-mailed me a link to the article about Christian’s hike because they new I like to hike the AT.

    This is going to be a great journal…

  2. Bob Footprints Crawford says:

    Thanks so much for posting the blog. My 100 mile section hike is scheduled to start May 12. Reading your posts has me excited to get out there!! Does Christian have a trail name yet?

  3. Julie Foreman says:

    Yes yes we must hear if he has a trail name yet!!! Amazing the experience Christian is having and what a witness he will be to his accomplishments on the trail! Way to go Christian!!!

  4. so excited to read about his journey! BTW, I love the Neverending Story reference! One of my favorites as a kid! I wanted so badly to have Falcor come and fly me away!

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