Life On the Trail

Christian is doing great on the trail and is poised to make it to North Carolina soon. Yesterday afternoon  he stopped off at a hostel that I am sure we will hear more about in his upcoming writings.  However, I do want to mention them in this post as well because they have been so hospitable to him.  Blueberry Patch Hiker Hostel is an oasis.  He was able to take his first shower in over a week, eat a great meal, and they washed his clothes for him.  The owners drove him into town so that he could purchase supplies and made him feel like family in their home. He has already relayed that he believes this will go down as one of his favorite “taking a zero” places in this adventure.  “Taking a zero” is apparently trail language for a day when you take a break.  You achieve zero miles when you are not walking the trail, hence the name.  Thank you, Blueberry Patch!

Lunch 3/14/2012   1:26 PM

I decided to stop for lunch when I happened upon a little brook in a gorgeous sunny area where the wooded surroundings are a touch more sparse.  Today is stunning and the temperature is perfect. It is not nearly as humid as yesterday.  I purposefully set off immediately after the rain cleared so that I could enjoy the cool air as I walked.

Today has been a lot easier for me.  The approach trail was grueling and arduous.  The elevation changes made it feel like I was hiking uphill the majority of the time.  We went from walking on fairly flat land to nearly 2,000 feet in elevation!


Compared to yesterday, today was a proverbial “walk in the park”…until I hit Federal lands.  The trail markers are horrible in these parts.  On a well marked trail you can see the next blaze (a path marker) when you are at your current blaze.  At different points, I was not sure if I was on an old farm road, the Mackeye trail, or the Appalachian Trail (AT). I would be walking along taking in the beauty of my surroundings and repeating to myself “I can’t believe I am actually here”.  I would pass by the familiar AT markings on the trees and know I was on the right path.  Suddenly and without warning the blazes began to change from squares to diamonds.  It turns out the Mackeye trail with its white diamond blazes is also part of the AT.

So far I miss my wife, our family, our friends, and my cats but, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.

Christian Torp

Thank you for reading.  Over the weekend we will have the “Big Reveal” of Christian’s Trail Name.  So, be sure to check back!

Today’s donation total rose to $2,240. We still need $2,760. Thank you to those who have supported us. Please mail donations to: Christian Torp, P.O. Box 861, Lexington, Ky. 40588.

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