August and Everything After

I spoke with Christian (Muzungu) tonight.  He has reached a milestone!  Today, he officially passed the 1,000 mile mark of his journey.  He will make it to Harper’s Ferry tomorrow.  He was thrilled to be at a hiker hostel that allowed him to stay for free because he is a thru-hiker.  This marks his first stay at an establishment where everyone else was a section hiker.  He was thrilled to meet more people who will have internet access soon and can study Mountain Top Removal for themselves.

My goal is education.  So few people I meet out here are even aware of it.  It is astounding to me.  They are hiking in mountains that may not be there much longer.  They need to be made aware and then go research it for themselves“, he said.

When he meets new people it is always the same.  Once pleasantries are exchanged, inevitably hikers get around to asking one another their reasons for hiking.  It is the perfect opening for him to discuss Kentuckians for the Commonwealth ( and the work he has engaged in with them.  I have received several emails from people who have met him on the trail and wanted to thank him for alerting them to the issues.  Most people have not met someone willing to walk over 2,000 miles to further a cause they believe in. They are usually keen to listen.

In the event that you have not read the latest newspaper article on his journey, Christian has made the decision to “flip-flop”.  He will head to Maine soon after he reaches Pennsylvania in order to complete the entire trail as he intended.  He believes if he continued on at her current pace, he would not make it through Baxter State Park before they close it down for the season.  He will make the change some time in August.  We are working out the details now.  To read the article click on this link:

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for your patience during our mourning period in our family due to the loss of my dear 26-year-old sister, Chanda.  Blogs have been slower as we have been grieving but, I feel confidant that I will be able to resume my old pace of at least one blog per week (sometimes more) going forward.  Please note that we do daily updates on our Facebook page at:

We have decided to place all of our fundraising efforts now, towards Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.  We did not raise all of the funds needed for Christian’s trip but, he has spent very frugally and  we trust that we should be able to handle his expenses.  We ask that you now donate to the organization that Christian began this walk for in the first place,  Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.  Please visit out Razoo Page to make a donation, at:

To date we have raised $200.  Our goal is $5,000.

Please read this article that will appear in today’s New York Times magazine by Jason Howard, fellow member of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.

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