9 days

A lot can happen in 9 days.

This past June, two American students from the University of Wisconsin studying abroad in New Zealand were rescued after surviving  9 days trapped in the wilderness by a snow storm.  They survived on trail mix, rice and soaking in a hot spring.

It took 9 days for Marvel’s “The Avengers” film to surpass the total gross dollars earned by “The Dark Night Rises”.

Workers in China even built a high rise structure in just 9 days!

We have 9 days to raise $235 before our Razoo site expires.  Christian hiked nearly 1,800 miles with a purpose.  We have friends who live in the mountains of Kentucky who cannot drink their water.   We have friends who are Coal Miners who cannot breathe the air on their own homesteads. We have friends whose families have owned land for centuries, who’s children are moving away because there are no other employment opportunities.  They are in search of safer living conditions and jobs that will feed their families.

Christian walked to do something about it.  His walk was not in vain.

We are asking that you please visit http://www.razoo.com/story/Appalachian-Voyage and donate towards this cause.  If you have followed us on this journey…you have seen Christian’s  dedication.  You have heard the stories.  You have laughed.  You have cried.  Now, we ask that you become a tangible part of this story by partnering with to help our friends.

In just 9 days, we can make a difference.

Christian and Tanya Torp

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